Dana Loesch has put up with MORE than her fair share of hate from the so-called party of love, peace, and tolerance, especially since the Stoneman Douglas shooting she had absolutely nothing to do with. But that hasn’t stopped the Left from vilifying her at every turn, dehumanizing and objectifying her in their attacks so they feel justified in being gross and horrible.

Glenn Beck has had enough:

Nailed it.

Then again, it’s not like Dana can’t take care of herself:

‘Rick’ deleted his tweet, which we sort of knew he would so we grabbed a quick screenshot of it, you know, for posterity and stuff.

‘Someone needs to spray an NRA rally with AR-15s’ … did he really say that?!

Interesting isn’t it, how it’s always gun grabbers who go violent with their rhetoric? And they wonder why we refuse to give up our guns.

They do not.

He ran away pretty quickly.

Big tough gun grabber that he is.

There does seem to be a fairly large bias against Conservatives on Twitter, especially when it comes to Dana’s timeline.

Guess that’s why ‘Rick’ deleted his tweet.

Someone should tell him Twitter is forever.


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