Marco Rubio has put up with a bunch of crap in the last three years, but recently it has gotten even worse with the Stoneman Douglas shooting because the Left has decided he (and Dana Loesch, the NRA and millions of legal gun owners) was responsible for it.

Not the actual gunman.

Or the sheriff’s department who hid outside while kids died.

Or the FBI that has admitted it didn’t follow protocol with this kid.

Nope, it’s somehow all Rubio’s fault, which makes zero sense but then again, it is the Left we’re talking about.

Absolutely a fair statement.

Which is probably why Jon Favreau didn’t like it.

Says the guy who worked for one of the biggest phonies of all time.

He ‘evolved’ don’cha know.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

And no.

Eeek! Stephen Gutowski has facts! That’s Jon’s kryptonite.

Dude, walk away.

So polite.

And yet so brutal.

Gutowski even sent him a link from CNN.

Well-played, sir.



And there’s Guy Benson with the official takedown.

Walk away, Jon! Just. Walk. Away.


Someone seems mad.

And TKO.

Jon, never bring a knife to a gun fight.


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