What can we say, Sean Spicier gets it.

And by ‘it’ we mean a lot of angry, freaked-out, shrieky types who can’t be bothered to actually look for that magical blue check before taking the bait he leaves out and about on his timeline. Always.

Even though we’ve been writing about his parody account for over a year, and he even says in his bio that he’s NOT HIM … they still don’t get it.

Thank goodness.

This time around most of Spicier’s tweets focus on #MarchForOurLives and protesting in general (with a dash of snark around trans in the military, Obama and see thru backpacks). Enjoy!

We thought that was a big no-no?

Psh, talk about backpack privilege.

Spicier doesn’t work for Hillary Clinton.


Mark used to be Louise Mensch’s attorney, she fired him on Twitter.

No, we’re not making that up.

Michael sure told the parody!

Pretty dense.

Damn, these people are so mean.



He has such a lovely singing voice.

Or is that she?

We don’t want to assume gender here.

Guess not.

Psh, does Robert think we’re made of glitter or what?


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