Colion Noir was brutally honest about David Hogg playing the race card in his ever-annoying quest to disarm innocent Americans because it makes him popular on Twitter. And that freaked a bunch of progressives out because HOW DARE HE speak truthfully to a ‘kid’ who is working overtime to disarm him while using his skin color as a talking point.

Colion stood by his comments, even when a horde of frothy-mouthed gun grabbers made their way to his timeline, including Mallory Hagan who is running as a Democrat in Alabama. Of course, like any brave Democrat, she harassed him then deleted her tweets when he called her out.

We have no idea what Mallory said because she deleted it.

Clout chasing.


It’s more embarrassing that she deleted her tweets.

Just sayin’.

Another deleted tweet.

And another.

They’re so tough.

Common sense, hrm, you mean like disarming innocent, law-abiding Americans?

Yeah no.


Jeff Pearlman showed up. *yawn*


Holy sh*t!

Deleted tweet.

Dude, shut up.


What he said.

He can’t.

Progressives. It’s what they do.

Interesting how it’s seen as ‘attacking’ these students when we defend our rights.

And thank God, Colion chose this life.

We need people willing to stand up for our rights now more than ever.


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