NRA spokesman Colion Noir was less than impressed with David Hogg for pulling the race card in his efforts to ban guns.

And please SPARE us the ‘but he’s just a kid’ nonsense, he has put himself in the middle of a very grown-up discussion and in doing so, he will have to deal with the grown-ups. Sorry, NOT sorry.

For example:

Groups like Everytown and people like Shannon Watts want to give Hogg that authority because they think we can’t call out these arguments since they’re just kids. And if we do, then they can rant and rage about how we don’t care about the CHILDREN.

In other words, they are exploiting these young people to push their narrative and putting them at the center of a very heated debate for their own agendas. But tell us more about how #2A advocates are the bad guys with this issue.

And speaking of bad guys, more from Watts:

Dehumanize their opponents? The NRA isn’t the group making broad statements about race and seemingly devaluing black American gun owners.

We should probably mention that Shannon has Colion blocked so he can’t answer this gross accusation; isn’t she classy sharing his real name?

Doubt she misses the hypocrisy of her own statement here.


They’re so tough ‘dismissing’ him when he’s blocked from seeing the conversation.

Yup, Everytown, and Moms Demand are both cults spewing propaganda.

Hey, thanks for admitting it.


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