Shannon Watts was seriously making the rounds in Obnoxious-Ville yesterday, attacking armed mothers and playing the race card in every argument or debate that came her way. Don’t get us wrong, we are rarely shocked with the pathetic panderings from the Queen of Exploiting Dead Kids and we’ve seen her say a lot of HORRIBLE things, but WOWZA lady. Yesterday was SPECIAL.

And not in a good way.

Take for example her tweet about black Americans and gun ownership … that she deleted:


We’re pretty sure he meant ‘blocked,’ but this works too.

He nuked her so badly that she deleted her tweet.


She was deleting lots of tweets yesterday, maybe she should just save herself the trouble and delete her account.

All that matters to Shannon is her agenda, she has no interest in reality and/or facts, especially if they prove her narrative wrong.

She blocks anyone and everyone who challenges her because she knows her argument is WEAK SAUCE.

Pretty sure Shannon wouldn’t appreciate the same race card she has been trying to use during the gun-control debate being used against her …



Shannon blocked Colion … LOL:


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