From March 23-25, Second Amendment advocates will be pushing a very simple message in social media and throughout the country, one explaining why they carry.

Or rather, #WhyICarry.

Gun grabbers are working overtime to ‘frame’ gun owners as crazed, blood-thirsty maniacs stockpiling firearms in their basements plotting for the next Civil War when in all reality they are law-abiding moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandpas and grandmas out there working to protect themselves and their loved ones.

This tag really says it all, perfectly.

We love this photo.

Here is the write-up explaining the hashtag:


Those pesky facts.

From Obama even.


Notice many of the yahoos working to take guns from legal gun owners can hide behind their armed security.


People don’t realize it takes the police several minutes to show up, but a weapon can be pulled in defense within moments.

Gotta protect the narrative ya’ know.



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