Poor Edith.

Apparently, she has been trying to put out a poll to check the ‘moral fiber’ of … Twitter, and as you can probably imagine it hasn’t been going all that well for her. Granted, she may be listing the wrong answers to her question:

In other words, she held another poll before and didn’t care for those results either which clearly means people were just too dumb to get what they were supposed to answer.

Wanna take a guess as to what the majority of people think should be eliminated from existence?

Not what she’s looking for.


Yes, only Nazis would vote differently from her wishes.

SJW is gonna SJW?

This thread is LIT:

Just FYI, Islam is winning this poll too … so far.

We wondered if it could be a troll account as well but man, it’s hard to tell.

It has to be a parody, right?

Seems she didn’t have Trump in the last poll.


This second (or is it third?) poll is fairly new and still has six days to go, we’re sure PLENTY of people will suddenly vote to remove Trump, which is what we know she really wants. Oh, she’d tell us it’s ‘World Poverty,’ but c’mon, why put him in the poll at all?

Unless of course it’s a joke, and if it is HUZZAH!

And if not, we still think it’s hilarious.


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