You’d think someone watching this footage Raw Story pushed out to scare the masses into thinking John Bolton is some sort Putin puppet would have at least inspired a guy who calls himself a journalist to do a Google search and figure out context before sharing it with his readers.



But then again, it’s Chris Cuomo we’re talking about.

And it’s CNN.

You know Chris, a little Google goes a long way.

To answer this question though, no, he has no shame, but don’t you dare call him, ‘fake news’. He once compared that to calling someone the n-word.

Maybe it’s all the hairspray?

Oh, and check out the hysteria his little quote-tweet caused:

Narrator: No, she doesn’t.

Way to fan those fires, Chris.

Bolton was the UN Ambassador so he has ‘ties’ to countries all over the world … ugh, you know what, never mind.

You know that look you give someone who decides to write a check at the store even though there’s a really long line behind them?

We just made that face.

Absolutely batsh*t.

Which is technically Chris’ demographic.


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