Bill Maher took it upon himself to spread another lie the Left has conveniently constructed to harm the character and branding of Dana Loesch. Apparently, a ‘Weinstein wannabe-skeeze ‘ claimed she contacted him to do some sort of TV show.

This did not happen.

But God forbid Bill Maher actually reach out and speak to Dana personally for a comment before going live with this bullsh*t (or that Mediaite do their due diligence and make sure this story isn’t a fabrication, which it is).

Take a gander:

Yeah, he ‘slammed’ her, but never bothered to speak with her.

What a toughie.

Dana called him OUT (as well as Mediaite for running with the story):

Give ’em Hell, Dana.

Truth hurts, eh? Let’s be honest here, Bill wouldn’t have any relevance whatsoever if he wasn’t trashing someone on the Right, it’s his whole schtick.

His whole, old, boring and unoriginal schtick.

Full disclosure, we went through this thread looking for various tweets of support for Dana, and all we saw were a bunch of morons screeching at her about the NRA. And her hair. If only the Left hated the monster who pulled the trigger half as much as they do Dana Loesch, their protests and screeching might actually mean something.


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