As Twitchy readers know, Patrick Petty (who lost his sister Alaina in the shooting at Stoneman Douglas in February) asked Emma Gonzalez and the other Parkland students to please stop using his sister’s name to push their agenda.

And the reaction he received from one horrible and awful ‘gun-grabbing-troll’ enraged most of Twitter (except for 15 idiots who liked her tweet):

The grossest part of this tweet is the fact that she doubled DOWN on her attack, and continued to harass the young man whose only crime was asking the mob to leave his sister out of their talking points.

Truly sick indeed.

She has not deleted her tweets, FYI and oddly enough, Twitter hasn’t asked her to remove them.

‘Oddly enough’, we made a funny!

Vile, nasty hyena says what?


Sadly she is likely a real person fueled by hatred fed to her 24/7 from the Left and the media dehumanizing people who think differently from her, especially when it comes to gun rights.

What sort of disgusting human being attacks a kid like this? It’s one thing to debate these students on their ideas, but to attack the brother of a student who was actually lost in the tragedy? No words for how foul and awful that is.

This ‘woman’ is officially the face of the Left.

Way to go, guys.


Parkland survivor to gun control classmates: Don’t use my sister’s name to push your agenda