Would someone please tell Stephen King that playing baseball isn’t a Constitutional right? Hey, we get it, and we love baseball but comparing the Second Amendment to MLB putting netting up to protect the crowd from foul balls and such and then trying to tie the founders into the mess is well … a mess.


No contradiction.

This doesn’t even really work as a metaphor.

What’s next? Comparing guns to cars and seat belts? Bike helmets? Smoke detectors?

C’mon, man.

This is a far kinder response than ours, and he even entertained Stephen’s idea instead of treating him like the crazy guy he sounds like.

But still, no.


But AR-15’s are mean and stuff.

Never try to see the logic in a Liberal argument, you’ll only end up with a massive stress headache.

Trust us on this one.

This is more like comparing horses to apples, not even in the same ballpark.


Hey, look, we made a ‘funny’ like Stephen.


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