When will adults figure out that Twitter is forever, and if you say something really stupid (been there, done that) no matter what you do to remove the tweet, someone, somewhere has the tweet? Such is life on social media.

Live and learn?

Well, it seems Brian Evans (a writer, singer and a Republican candidate from Hawaii for 2018) wrote such a tweet where he responded to the possibility of a debate between Cameron Kasky and Kyle Kashuv; we have to share a screenshot because as we mentioned, he deleted it.

Tragedysplaining … we like that.

And what a gross tweet.

Then, from what we can tell in the disaster of his timeline, Brian blocked Kyle.

Elliott Hamilton from The Daily Wire joined in to defend Kyle, and it was at this point Evans claimed someone else had written the tweet.

He seems to have deleted THIS one too, but we grabbed it before so at least you can read the copy.

Why on Earth would he delete this one?

He did.

And look, he put his initials at the end so we’re supposed to know that’s him.

He apologized again.

But Kyle wasn’t quite as forgiving …

We’re going to guess no employee will be fired because Brian probably wrote the tweet himself, BUT it’s a nice thought.

Besides, look who he pals around with.

Does anyone really believe Brian didn’t encourage Cameron to shred Kyle?

Be better indeed.


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