Aww yes, John Brennan’s ridiculous threat to President Trump on TWITTER of all places will likely go down in infamy:

John Brennan, a beacon of truth and justice.


What is it about people who worked under the Obama administration and their inability to find a mirror and take a gander at themselves in it? Talk about a serious lack of self-awareness.

Perhaps not, Dana.

Oh, and boom.

Can always count on the Left to accuse the Right of what they’ve been doing. Projection is the name of their game.

Sadly if we don’t come out with bare knuckles the Left will just pummel us. The fight must go on …


Shhhh … he’s on a roll.

It flopped the moment he sent it.

Batsh*t is gonna batsh*t.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

And such is the way of the government in 2018.

Laugh or cry?


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