As news broke across social media that Sessions had taken the advice of the FBI disciplinary office and had fired Andrew McCabe the Left went into a serious meltdown.

Like more serious than usual.

Hey, we know, they freak out at the drop of a hat (which is hilarious) but this was a MAJOR freak out, thousands of them screaming that Trump was corrupt for this, that it was political, that Sessions should go TO JAIL (we see you, Rosie) … we’re talking a meltdown of nuclear levels where unicorns cry.

And speaking of unicorns crying:

Huh? You know, Kurt, that’s a fairly serious and ugly accusation to hurl at the President of the United States, calling him a criminal and a former drug addict? And wow, you’d think McCabe had cured cancer instead of lying to FBI investigators the way Kurt preens on about him.

They acted this same way with James Comey; they HATED HIM and wanted him destroyed in 2016 when they blamed him for Hillary and then they decided they totally loved him when Trump fired him.

We got nothin’.

Wow, well all we can say is Kurt probably better have proof after saying something like this.

Yikes, dude.

But Mr. The-Tentacle-Porn-Tab-Was-Open-For-Research wasn’t finished throwing his bizarre and ugly rant, oh no. He had to go out of his way to attack a group that was totally and completely unrelated to the McCabe firing:


That may be one of the nastiest terms we’ve ever seen someone use when talking about Christians and considering the garbage we read on Twitter, that says a lot.

No words.

Other than we find it laughable that a guy who claims to have almost died over a flashy animated gif and who was caught with a bizarre pornographic tab open on his monitor has ZERO room to talk about the sins of anyone else.

Okay, so we had a few words.


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