If you thought a bunch of Leftists spending their Saturday screeching about McCabe being fired because of evil TRUMP was annoying (when the firing came from the suggestion of the FBI itself and not Trump) then ‘McCabe supporters’ like Andrea Mitchell trying to help him milk the system and screw over taxpayers has to be infuriating.



And sadly all too typical.

So in other words, if a Democratic Congressmen hired this man who was FIRED for lying to investigators then taxpayers would still be on the line to pay his pension. Classy, Andrea. Maybe she should just write him a check if she supports him so much.

If there was a Journalists Office for Professional Responsibility there would be zero media out there. And we’d have no one to make fun of …

We’re not sure how to feel about that. Heh.

Awww, look at the smile on her face when she was on the plane covering her hero Hill-dawg on the campaign trail.

Talk about hard-hitting journalism.



Despicable indeed.

Deplorable even.


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