We’ve come to the conclusion that men like Christopher Titus and any other sackless Leftist who has been attacking Dana Loesch for representing the NRA owe her lunch because otherwise, nobody would be paying attention to a word they utter, especially on Twitter.

Full disclosure, this editor had no idea who Titus was and had to Google him …

Which seems to be a theme with a lot of these blue check men who seem to obsessively hate on Dana.


And he says she’s not a thinker?

Alrighty then.

Dude needs more fiber in his diet, duh.

Huh again?

We realize he’s trying really hard to justify hating a woman who had nothing to do with any of these shootings, but c’mon man.

But guns!


The guy thinks he has a nation …

Us either.

Yes, everyone who disagrees with Titus is clearly a Putin sock or a bot.

You’d think by now they’d realize how dumb this comeback is.

Then again, it is the Left we’re talking about.

Never mind.

Not a damn thing, but that won’t keep him from acting like a douchebag because it gets him attention.


Michael would be so proud!


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