The Left is super brave in their attacks on Dana Loesch, and by super brave we mean the exact OPPOSITE. They’re a bunch of mean high school girls sitting around talking smack about another girl because she’s prettier, smarter and more popular than they are.

Look at this crap:

Your mom.

OK, so that was immature but c’mon, that tweet was BEGGING for a ‘your mom’ joke.

Hrm, Brooke Binkowski. Why does her name sound so familiar? Clearly, she’s someone important on Twitter because she’s got one of those fancy blue checks … gosh, who is she?

OH, THAT’S RIGHT, she’s the managing editor of Snopes.

Snopes. THAT is hilarious.

You know Snopes, right? The supposedly unbiased fact-checking site that Lefties always use when they’re losing an argument.

Oh, they’re also the ones who fact-checked The Babylon Bee last week.


Wait, you mean pneumonia wasn’t really scared that Hillary would have it bumped off during the election? That was probably one of The Onion’s funniest stories ever.


They’re a sad lot.

And not a joke in a good way.


Sounds legit.


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