Another year, another Oscars. And as in past years, it seems we spent more time during (and after) thinking about politics, issues, and activism than we did any of the movies that were actually nominated. It’s as if that little golden statue has truly lost his way, or is that her way?

We want to make sure we’re respecting pronouns and stuff.

*eye roll*

All things being said, Greg Gutfeld wrapped the night’s festivities (and Hollywood) up in just one glorious tweet; makes you wonder if he slept at a Holiday Inn Express the night before:

A corporate retreat for an industry devoted to non-movie virtue signaling.

Can you say BOOM?

The small portions of the Oscars this editor could actually watch were sadly filled with anticipation, and not the good kind … the anticipation that one of the Hollywood elite would say something really stupid and ruin yet another movie for her.

RIGHT? Don’t be so mean to the Marriott!

This could actually be the new official tagline for the Oscars.

The montages they actually put together were amazing, and people all around the world enjoyed them because the focus was back on the movies. Maybe Oscar needs to be reminded that THIS is why people watch, not to be lectured by a bunch of out-of-touch movie stars who think because they ‘act’ the little people have to listen to what they have to say.

Just sayin’.


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