Political Twitter can be super tense and heated, especially when the country is so clearly divided by not only party but ideas and principles like we are now. But there is one other ‘Twitter’ that is equally as tense and may even be MORE heated … and that’s FOOD TWITTER.

Tired of watching Lefties whine about the NRA? Just do a search for ‘pineapple on pizza’, and you’ll see fury and fire like you’ve never seen before.

Another example of brutal food Twitter? BARBECUE.

Umm … yuck.


Guess how well THIS went over?

Texans seemed less than impressed with Brooklyn’s sad take on barbecue.

But one pretty well-known and outspoken Texan in particular really stood out:


When it comes to barbecue don’t mess with Texas (or Ted)!

We know all too well what it means, which is probably why we can’t stop laughing.


We’d take it over Brooklyn barbecue every day of the week.


And the award for best #Oscars tweet goes to … Greg Gutfeld’s TAKEDOWN of Hollywood is GOLD

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