Every once in awhile a hashtag comes across your timeline that you KNOW will make a lot of people fussy and yet you’re still compelled to tweet like the Energizer Bunny on steroids on it. #TriggerALiberalIn4Words was JUST that hashtag and has been trending in first place on Twitter for well over 12 hours now, even though adorable Lefties tried to start their own hashtag about triggering Conservatives in two words which didn’t quite get the attention as the tag that triggered them so badly they formed their own tag in the first place.

When will they learn that if they just ignored these tags we’d get bored and go back to making fun of gun-grabbers and Chelsea Handler?

Joy Reid ESPECIALLY seemed to take issue with the tag:

Shd seemed really … wait for it … TRIGGERED.

And yes, comedy is hard to recognize when you have no sense of humor, Joy. We know.

Uh huh.

Notice she couldn’t quite leave well enough alone on a Saturday night.

Repeat after us, Joy, TRIGGERED.

Was she really just trying to pretend it was the right wing with no sense of humor?




Bless her heart indeed.

She was the one who started complaining about the tag and yet she is calling him a poor angry soul.

So adorable.

Like a banana cupcake, right?



Joy is so hip.


Putting Joy Reid aside, the hashtag has some pretty damn hilarious tweets:

That’ll do it every time.


We love this guy.

Oh, now you’ve gone and done it.

Word. *waves to fan club*

Uterus privilege!

Careful, they want people who deny climate change arrested ya’ know.

How dare you!


This tag continues to go on, and on, and on, and on, and on so make sure you check out #TriggerALiberalIn4Words.