Hey gun grabbers, if the Supreme Leader of a country like Iran who has wished death to America over and over again agrees with you on any policy you MIGHT want to think about what it is you are supporting.

Do you people have any idea how absolutely evil this guy is?

Now, why or why would Khamenei want Americans disarmed? Surely he’s just worried about our safety and well-being, right?


And you know what, Lefties will probably cheer this guy because he agrees with disarming and making us defenseless.

Oooh, good question.

Man, it’s possible.

Twitter is a crazy place.

NOW, we can’t say for certain this is actually Khamenei (he’s not verified), and it does read a lot like a letter the DNC would send to raise money so you know what … hrm.

Ben Rhodes, is that you? Not judging and if so, brilliant parody.



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