Trevor Noah seems to think he’s more than just another caricature the Comedy Channel has seen fit to prop up as some sort of political thinker on The Daily Show, but he’s not. No matter how hard Noah tries, he will never be Jon Stewart and the Daily Show will never really be what it once was.

Especially when he took it upon himself to say some really nasty things about Stacey Dash and her candidacy.

Luckily Stacey Dash didn’t hold back when defending herself:

Does Noah REALLY think being Conservative in Hollywood is financially beneficial?

He needs to get out more.

Now now, Stacey, we can’t expect Noah to spend any time actually researching who you are, where you come from or why you stand for the things you do. He’s far too busy pretending he actually matters in political circles.

Which he does not.


He called her campaign a ‘publicity stunt.’ Can you IMAGINE the sh*t show the Left would throw if a talking head said something like this about a female Democratic candidate? They’d call him a SEXIST and a MISOGYNIST … but since Stacey is a Conservative she’s fair game, right?

Her candidacy is most definitely NOT a stunt, which terrifies Liberals.

And it should.


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