We have been doing our best NOT to be unkind to David Hogg because we understand he’s really still just a kid and that someone, somewhere (we see you, Shannon Watts) is likely providing him with talking points and ideas that have nothing to do with reality to push the gun control narrative BUT OMG, these comments made to Brian Stelter from David are just too gross to ignore.

We have to wonder if Dana had any idea she was this powerful.

*eye roll*

Hey, Dana, if you’re reading this since you’re so powerful and stuff with controlling the legislature would you do something about eliminating daylight savings time? Thanks!

Katie Pavlich thought the statements were as ridiculous as we did:

New hotness it to do whatever they can to keep blaming the NRA.

We like how Brian Stelter didn’t correct him … super classy, CNN.

Media really played that down, remember?

Everyone knows Hogg’s name but few people probably know the man’s name who saved innocents in Texas.

Between his constant attacks on innocent gun owners (and these very gross, ugly and personal attacks on Dana Loesch) we are also getting a little sick of him. Would be different if he would acknowledge who really failed him and his fellow students, but instead, he seems more determined to make a career for himself.

Shannon Watts better watch out, he might take her job one day.


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