Just last week, Joe Scarborough was playing ‘fake Conservative’ after the shooting in Florida, going so far as to quote Ronald Reagan and getting into fights with the Daily Caller and others in an attempt to push his own gun control narrative.

Basically, he wanted us all to know that guns are bad and that if even HE can say so (because you know, he’s super Conservative), then clearly it’s true.

Seriously, remember this gem?

Yeah, he also thought gun owners were scared of him.

It was pretty damn funny, but then again most of his timeline is accidentally hilarious.

Well anyway, NOW that it’s become clear the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. COMPLETELY failed these kids, Joe has conveniently come out against Sheriff Israel:

What’s that Joe? Speak up, we can’t hear you.


Are you kidding us?!

Wouldn’t hold your breath … just sayin’.

Maybe next time, Joey.

Ha! That would be a great name for a song. WAIT, we take that back, we don’t want Joe singing another song.


*all over gross-out body shiver*

Who KNOWS?! These flip-flopping, pandering, butt-nugget talking heads care more about their narrative than the actual REALITY of what happened or what we should be doing to stop any future shootings.

And Joe is one of the worst.

Sorry, not sorry.


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