Since Friday, America has watched as Sheriff Israel went from a media darling condemning the likes of Dana Loesch and every legal gun owner in this country to a complete hack looking only to cover his own arse in what is becoming more and more abundantly clear was a complete and TOTAL FAIL from his own department.

No wonder he was so quick to jump on the ‘let’s blame Dana and the NRA’ bandwagon … dude knew once the reality of the situation came out he would be toast.

There is nothing quite as damning (except MAYBE the sheriff’s own blathering on CNN) than seeing the incident recapped in black and white:

This kid was sending red flags left and right for YEARS … he even called on himself at one point, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department did nothing. Forty-five responses to his home?! Threatening to kill classmates? Assaulting his mom?

They failed at every point.

We can hear it now, ‘I gave that bear his badge and taught him about fire safety. It’s not my fault if he didn’t stop the forest fire.’

What a punk.

From what we’re seeing in social media, there are all sorts of rumors floating around, and for now, they’re just rumors (about the students, the school, and this department); if there is any truth to any of these rumors JUST WOW.

Talk about fail.

And he knew it.


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