While Sheriff Israel was getting grilled by Jake Tapper this morning on CNN, Dana Loesch was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and HOLY MOLY, this woman is tough as nails.

You can tell watching this video that Dana has had enough of this bullsh*t, and this morning listening to Sheriff Israel babble about how he doesn’t really know what happened yet and that he’s some great leader … he even made some idiotic joke about OJ?

The jig is up, dude.

Things are finally starting to come out and it’s clearer than EVER that this police department was looking for a scapegoat because they screwed up, so they’ve been fueling the attacks on the NRA and Dana Loesch (and her family).

Really, when Jake Tapper is calling Broward out?

We’re not sure how Dana has the energy to keep up with all of this because man, we’ve just been writing about it for nearly two weeks and we’re EXHAUSTED.



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