As more and more gun-grabbing harpies on the Left continue to paint the NRA as some sort of racist, hate-filled, killing machine of an organization, Ann Coulter took it upon herself to give a brief history lesson about who and what the NRA actually is and a certain part of the organization that the Left likes to ‘airbrush’ out.

Sort of like laws about marriage. Yup.


In other words, the NRA believed ALL Americans had an inherent right to defend themselves against enemies, foreign OR domestic.

Those racists!

The Black Armed Guard did what they were supposed to with their firearms because that IS how it’s supposed to work. The NRA is not advocating violence or death, they are simply pushing for Americans to have the ability to protect themselves because it is their right.

Ultimately the NRA is THE civil rights organization in this country.

Sorry not sorry, Democrats.

And mic drop.

Which of course drove proggies batsh*t:


Yeah, no.


We just can’t.

They can’t have us talking about what the NRA really does. Oh no, it’s far more important to their narrative to vilify the organization.

Sad, ain’t it?


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