It seemed like Joe Scarborough was picking a fight with EVERYBODY yesterday on Twitter, between snarking at the Daily Caller (and several of its writers) to this exchange with NRA TV, he was one cranky dude.

We suppose if we were being called out for being a YUGE flip-flopper on an issue like gun control we might be a bit fussy too.

Of course, we’re not pandering talking heads pretending to be something we’re not for clicks and taps, but we digress:

Unless it benefits him to play to the gun rights crowd, it all depends on his agenda that day.

Look how cranky he got over that tweet:

Oooh, he spent SEVERAL DAYS quoting Reagan and Scalia, get this guy a gold star! And PLEASE, the Constitution is on everyone’s side …

And really, he thinks anyone is scared of him? *ouch, our sides*

And BOOM goes the dynamite.

Although, to be fair, we are sort of afraid of Joe’s seemingly massive forehead.

C’mon, that song he wrote was TERRIFYING.

See what we mean?

And here we thought we were making an original joke.

Freakin’ Twitter.

OK FINE, so the consensus is that Joe IS scary but only when he sings.



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