Twitchy covers several Hollywood types for saying dumb things because well … lots of Hollywood types say LOTS of dumb things. From Chelsea Handler to Cher, to Bette Midler or Alyssa Milano, there seems to be a neverending supply of silly content to write about from our ‘friends’ in Hollywood.

But only ONE of them has accused Twitchy of being a drug site for meth users (because of the word ‘twitch’) OR being funded by the Russians to tangle with his freedom, and that’s Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman.

We laughed so hard at this tweet. Really, we read some crazy stuff (c’mon, we cover Chelsea Handler), but THIS … OMG y’all.

Maybe we should try writing with a Russian accent.

HEY! That’s our line.


We have that effect on lots of people.

It’s our charm.

Right? Thanks for the traffic, Ron!

Careful, he’ll accuse you of being a Russian bot.

We have meetings in our Twitchy basement every month, Bunny brings cookies and we watch Doctor Zhivago.

Our dudes are pretty as well, just saying.

Especially that Greg P. fellow.

Doctor ZHIVAGO maybe.

This is silly, but wow, we laughed and laughed about this … then we laughed some more.

The Left cannot understand or accept that anyone could possibly REALLY AND TRULY disagree with them in real life, so they need to create conspiracies so they can sleep better at night.

Ok, off to our monthly meeting … how do you say, ‘Peace out,’ in Russian?


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