Mueller’s investigation found that Russians were working both for and against Trump during the election, and that ultimately they didn’t care who won as long as Americans were divided and angry with one another it was a win for them. This started back in 2014 before we even knew who would be running (although you’d have to live under a rock to think anyone but Hillary would get the nod for Democrats), so this ridiculously weak, curse-filled tweet using way too many caps from Ron Perlman should really be directed at Obama.

Gosh, Ron, you kiss your mama with that mouth? Cripes dude.

Wow, there is so much wrong with this tweet. First and foremost we’re not a Democracy, Ron, we’re a Republic. And second … you know what, there is just so much ranting and raving here it’s hard to really tell what he’s babbling about.

You know that scene in ‘Animal House,’ where Bluto is raging about how the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? That’s this tweet.

Ooh ooh, we know!

Or eat some fiber, something.

Cute indeed.

Remeber how they made fun of Romney for saying Russia was a threat?

They’re like children, except children listen sometimes.


Dude has a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Convenient ain’t it?

That or they just never paid attention until they got mad because Trump won the election.


But not untrue.


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