It takes a very, very, VERY small person to post photos from two very different situations and then compare reactions of the people involved in order to make some disgusting, hateful and untrue statement about their behavior.

Like this blue-check poli-sci ASS named Brian Klaas, who took pics of Trump with a family of a survivor of the Parkland High School shooting and compared them to Obama meeting with the family of a Newtown victim who was killed.

What was the end goal here, Klaas? To pretend that Trump was ‘happy’ about the shooting? That he didn’t care that people were killed?

Really gross and shameful.

Yeah, the tweet is still there this morning so we’re PRETTY SURE honesty isn’t all that important to Klaas.

And the people on the thread OUTRAGED that this family is smiling because their daughter is alive … they need to get a grip.

We’d be SMILING TOO. Thank GOD!


The hug heard ’round the world.



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