Since the news broke on Friday from the Mueller investigation that Russians were working both in support of and AGAINST Donald Trump the new talking point making its way across social media is that the Russians were ‘sowing discord’ and creating chaos.

Of course, anyone who has been paying attention knows it wouldn’t take Russia much to create such chaos when the Democrats and the mainstream media have both been more than willing to perpetuate this divide all on their own.

Would appear this segment upset Jim Acosta enough for him to start tossing out Thomas Jefferson quotes …

Dude, this guy is ridiculously self-important. It’s seriously like he thinks he’s doing some great ‘deed’ by being a fairly lame journo who we make fun of, a lot.

YOU GOT US, Thomas Jefferson thought the press was important. Of course, if Jefferson saw the hot dumpster fire the media has turned into he would never stop throwing up but hey, whatever helps Jim sleep better at night.

Just goes to show you can find a quote from a founding father for almost every situation, apparently even praying for the death of others.

Who knew?


Cough cough.

But heroes! Firefighters!

He’s SO EASY to upset. Do you think Fox News, Trump or Sarah Sanders sit around laughing about what they can say that will freak Jim out?

Then again, they can just tell the truth and that seems to do the job just fine.


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