At this point, we’re starting to wonder if the NRA should actually send Sheriff Israel of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department a thank you note AND a dozen or so cookies because wow, we haven’t seen this much support for them since the early Obama years. People all across social media signing up (even if they aren’t gun owners), members who may have let their memberships lapse signed back up …

And a big part of that is Sheriff Israel and his ridiculous pandering to gun grabbers in a sick and twisted way to cover his own arse.

James Woods recognized this as well but put it in a far more ‘colorful’ manner than we did:

Sadly, what we have learned from the tragedy in Florida is that the very people the Left thinks should be armed don’t always run in and save everyone. Now to be fair, we shouldn’t paint all police departments in this manner, because there are far more good guys out there doing their jobs than there are Sheriff Israels.

But this was a serious fail, and adding insult to injury, this ‘sheriff’ pointed the finger at the NRA and personally at Dana Loesch because he knew they screwed up and it seems like he wanted someone else to take the fall.


Because that’s what a leader does.

And boom.


But we’re not holding our breath.


INFURIATING: Dana Loesch’s recap of Florida school shooting makes Sheriff Israel look even WORSE (if that’s possible)