Someone at Politico is getting some extra kibble in his bowl! Seriously, this happened: Politico swoonily says that President Obama’s pick of Hagel for Secretary of Defense appeals to his “bipartisan spirit.” You know, that spirit that moves him to say things like “I won” and stuff.

Nothing is surprising coming from Politico. Remember, Politico called life-threatening SWAT-ting just a little “elaborate practical joke.” Politico also said Fast and Furious was “kinda real, but not really,” and predicted hard questions for Obama at a press conference. And that doesn’t even delve into the absurd and absurdly biased tweets made by individual Politico reporters.

The mocking was swift and spot-on.

Also reminiscent of another mockable and creepy dude.

And another “news” outlet.


On the plus side, giggling is great cardio.

Keep digging, lapdogs.