With libs everywhere fuming over today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe, celebrity activist David Hogg wants you to focus on what *really* matters: Vladimir Putin.

He tweeted:

“Putin needs Americans to be divided and too caught up with our own politics so he can continue his march into Ukraine than into Poland and beyond. He knows the only way to defeat the Americans is by turning them against each other. Don’t fall for it.”

LOL. Yes, it’s real:

And whatever this means:

He also warned that “Russian intel’s asymmetrical warfare through active measures is like already in full activation and only going to get stronger as we get closer to the election”:

“Absolute word salad” puts it mildly:

Honest question: Where did he even get this from?



And yet, he gets dumber:

The future of the Democrat party, folks:



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Libs, as mad as you are right now, please remember that Congress is on vacation for two weeks and they’ll get back to you shortly