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Of all the lies the media has spun about Joe Biden over the years, perhaps the one that irks me the most is the myth that he is a kind, decent, and nice man. 

As all Twitchy readers know, nothing can be further from the truth. We've written ad infinitum (because we never run out of opportunities) about how Biden, for his whole professional career, has been extremely nasty and not much more than a childish bully. As all 'dog-faced pony soldiers' can attest. 

But the nastiness goes well beyond the family patriarch. Recently, Twitchy wrote about a Twitter thread documenting the horrible behavior of nearly everyone in the Biden clan

And 'Doctor' Jill Biden is no exception. Just yesterday, she exploded on a reporter who was simply doing a reporter's job of asking her a question. Much worse than that, though, she is clearly pulling her husband's puppet strings, urging him to remain President -- and run for another term -- when the man is in dire need of full-time nursing care. It is elder abuse, plain and simple. 

This past weekend, we got another glimpse into the 'doctor's' true character when she posted a video tweet about meeting with camp counselors, many of whom had parents in the military. And then having the audacity to claim that 'the Bidens are a military family.'

I don't know where to begin here. There is so much awful to unpack. Let me start with maybe the one thing that doesn't upset me: the fact that she called Beau Biden her son. Many people on Twitter got on her case for that, but I won't. Yes, the truth is that she is Beau and Hunter's stepmother, not their mother. Fine. But it's still OK for her to say that Beau is her son. 

Here is what is not OK. Like her husband, who brings up Beau at the drop of a hat, she immediately turns the story the one boy tells her about his father being away for eight months and makes it all about Beau. And herself.

This is not empathy. This is not commiseration. This is narcissism. 'Yeah, yeah, your family is interesting, but hang on. Let me tell you about me and my family.' 

The Bidens do this relentlessly and it is incredibly disrespectful. 

Selfish doesn't begin to describe it. 

By all accounts, Beau Biden served honorably in the military. I respect that service. I do not respect his father and stepmother exploiting his death over and over again for political gain. 

And while Beau's service does make the Bidens a military family, they disrespect that label too. Neither President Biden nor his wife have ever shown respect and honor to other military members or the families of those who were lost. The image of Biden looking at his watch during the transfer ceremony at Abbey Gate after the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle that left 13 servicemembers dead is an indelible imprint of dishonor. 

Even worse, as I wrote about recently, Biden disgraced himself and his office by claiming that no servicemembers have died during his presidency. Gold Star families rightfully ripped him for that lie

There was also the pandering aspect of the video, as this tweet coincidentally (wink, wink) was posted immediately after President Biden was seen publicly ignoring a black woman at one of his rallies over the weekend and then got caught feeding questions to two black radio hosts.

I expect racial pandering from Democrats. Not just the Bidens but all Democrats. It's the only card they have in their deck (and it's not working this year). 

But it is the disrespect to the military -- active members, veterans, slain soldiers, and all of their families -- that I just cannot abide. And the fact that Biden himself was a draft dodger makes it even more contemptible. 

Yeah, it was curious how 'Doctor' Jill didn't mention Hunter's extremely brief and fairly ignoble military service while exploiting Beau's service and death. 

Technically, that's actually two facts. (But I don't know that the Bidens will ever be prosecuted for all the crimes for which they should face accountability.)

And why would the military respect them? They respect the office of the Commander-In-Chief, of course, but not the man. And certainly not his elder abusing, narcissistic, pandering wife. 

Neither do I.



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