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They've ALWAYS Known: Even Democrat Canvasser Can't Help Telling the Truth About Biden (Watch)


Democrats' full-on panic over the truth about Joe Biden's mental fitness (or lack thereof) is completely boiling over into chaos. On one side, there are people like Rob Reiner and Stephen King, who finally seem to be accepting reality (while still screeching about 'the end of democracy' or something). On the other side, there is Whoopi Goldberg who bizarrely announced that it doesn't matter that Biden poops his pants and can't complete a sentence. She's still ridin'.


But celebrities are just going to say dumb celebrity things. They always have and they always will. If you want to really get a sense of how the voters feel, you go to the man on the street.

And if that man on the street is a Democrat volunteer who canvasses for the Biden campaign, you'd expect strong support, right? 

... Right? 

Yesterday, after Biden had completed his pandering, somnambulant appearance at a black church in Philadelphia, he made an unannounced visit at a nearby campaign office. 

The reaction to hearing about the visit by Biden canvasser Solomon Troupe is so priceless, we want to frame it and hang it in a museum. Watch: 


You can just sense the unbridled enthusiasm to get out the vote for a man who yesterday thought he used to be a Senator from Pennsylvania, not Delaware. The thrill is palpable. 

We kind of feel bad for the guy (except for the fact that he's still working for Biden). 'Doctor' Jill's wrath and retribution against him is likely to be severe. 


We don't want to get accused of manufacturing 'cheap fakes,' so we will NOT say that image is a re-enactment of how Jill greets her husband every morning at 10 AM or so. 

We will totally not say that. 

It is a low bar, indeed. And yet ...

If all he gets is fired, he should count himself lucky. 

Troupe is definitely on an FBI watch list today. 

After 4 PM, all bets are off. 

LOL. We get it. We haven't stopped laughing either. 

They may not hate him, but they can't pretend anymore not to see the truth about him. 

Sounds like a pretty sweet job. No wonder Biden doesn't want to give it up. 


It's like The Princess Bride. Biden's not necessarily awake, just mostly awake. 

Oh, they're laughing at him too. The problem is their laughs usually end in something extremely horrible happening. 

It's pretty shocking to us as well, but we are here for it. 

There's no hiding the public opinion about Joe Biden anymore though, so maybe even the media has started to give up trying. 

Still, if this is the attitude within his own team, things are likely going to get a lot worse for the Biden-Harris campaign.


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