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REALLY? Rolling Stone Launches New SCOTUS Attack With Ridiculous 'Exclusive' on ACB's Husband


The American left is terrified of the one institution that they do not control: the Supreme Court of the United States. They are even more terrified that Joe Biden is looking extremely shaky for re-election and, if he does not win, it will give Republicans and conservatives a likely opportunity to solidify a right-leaning SCOTUS for many more years. 


We have seen their terror in action since even before the Dobbs decision when Chuck Schumer warned Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh that they would 'reap the whirlwind' if Roe v. Wade was overturned. When a deranged leftist later tried to assassinate Kavanaugh and his family after Dobbs, Schumer and the media were conspicuously silent about his 'stochastic terrorism' remarks. 

We can't even recount all of the times they have gone after Clarence Thomas (not to mention his wife). 

Most recently, the left has set their sights on Samuel Alito, with some of the most ridiculous smears we have ever seen, from his selling the stock of a failing beer company to flying a 250-year-old George Washington flag outside of his house

Of course, none of these attacks have worked. Because they are all baseless. But if you think that was going to stop them, you don't know the American left. This morning, Rolling Stone decided to open a new front in the left's war on SCOTUS, this time with an attack on Amy Coney Barrett. 

Oops. We're sorry. They didn't attack Barrett. They attacked her husband. 

STOP THE PRESSES. Jesse Barrett is an attorney who has ... clients? What an outrage. 


The article is paywalled, but here is a brief excerpt to show just how meritless Rolling Stone's 'exclusive' is. Get ready to clutch your pearls.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s husband is currently representing Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, in a defamation lawsuit, according to court records reviewed by Rolling Stone.

Jesse Barrett is a trial lawyer and managing partner at SouthBank Legal. He heads the firm’s Washington, D.C., office, which opened after Justice Barrett joined the high court. While the SouthBank Legal website says that Jesse Barrett 'focuses on white-collar criminal defense, internal investigations, and complex commercial litigation,' it notes, in a recent addition, that he has 'represented a prominent media company in a lawsuit alleging defamation.' 

That prominent media company is Fox Corporation, which owns the conservative cable news channel Fox News. Fox News regularly covers matters at the Supreme Court and will surely continue to do so as the high court nears the end of its term.

Can someone get these sleuths a Pulitzer already? They 'discovered' information publicly available in court records.

And what a scandal indeed. Barrett represents the Fox Corporation. The Fox News Channel covers SCOTUS. 

Dogs and cats living together. MASS HYSTERIA.


Give us a break. 

It's not like the defamation suit in question is even appearing before SCOTUS, which would require Justice Barrett's recusal. It's a simple defamation case in a lower federal court (and from the details, a very weak case, which is why Jesse Barrett and Fox Corporation are seeking a dismissal).

The selective outrage they display reveals everything about them. This is not about ethical problems or conflicts of interest (because there are none). This is about trying to delegitimize the court entirely. And it's obvious. 

Hang on a second. Justice Barrett's husband's name is Jesse. Jesse Kelly's name is also Jesse. Clearly, this is COLLUSION. Someone get Rolling Stone's crack investigative team on that immediately. 

But Kelly is correct, of course. Dark money groups feed these 'scandals' to lapdog media like Rolling Stone, which happily run with them even though they have no substance. Repeat a lie often enough and people might start to believe it. It's the 'spaghetti against the wall' theory of modern journalism.


It's shocking, right? And remember, this is the same media that doesn't care at all about Nancy Pelosi's insider trading or the fact that Eric Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy and the CCP bundled money for his campaign. 

Yeah, they don't care about that either. Or Judge Engoron. 

Setting aside the media's hypocrisy (just for a moment), Twitter was happy to tell Rolling Stone about the absolute nothing burger they had unearthed. 

They did. Badly. But then they decided to start making up stories like 'rape culture' at the University of Virginia and gunshot victims being forced to wait in parking lots because of 'the unvaccinated.'


'Cesspool of leftist hate.' That tracks. 

The desperation is also hilarious. 

They need to touch ALL the grass. 

How DARE he. 

LOL. Harrison Butker really needs to address this awful state of affairs. 

Just imagine if he ate at -- GASP -- Cracker Barrel. That might require a whole TEAM of Rolling Stone 'reporters.'


HA. And Pearl Harbor. And the Civil War. All wrapped into one.

But as we are laughing at Rolling Stone (which they so richly deserve), don't forget the point Jesse Kelly made. This is a coordinated attack. And they will not stop, no matter how ridiculous it makes them seem to normal, sane people. They aren't trying to reach normal, sane people. 

They are trying to undermine SCOTUS by any means necessary. They will amass more foundationless accusations and then present them all as a mountain of evidence that we need to 'fundamentally change America,' including the Supreme Court.

Fundamentally change ... say, that's an interesting phrase. We wonder who came up with that one.  

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