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WTF Did He Just Say? Biden Makes ULTRA CREEPY Remarks About Families With Five Daughters

Jackie Chan Meme

It has become obvious that The Official Joe Biden Pull-String Doll only has two settings: Confused and Creepy. 

We've spent a lot of time recently writing about his Confused setting. From his bizarre claim that, as Vice President, Barack Obama sent him to Detroit to deal with the 'pandemic' to the nine -- count 'em, NINE -- corrections the White House had to put in his recent speech to the NAACP, it is very clear that not only aren't the lights on upstairs in his head, but no one has been home in quite a long time. 


But we get so caught up with Confused Biden that sometimes we forget that Creepy Biden is often WAAAAAY worse.

If you don't believe us, check out this utterly cringeworthy statement that Creepy Biden gave yesterday during a campaign speech in New Hampshire. 

Warning: You may want to get one of those airline vomit bags for this one.  

Yep. You can go ahead and use that vomit bag now. 

What -- and we mean this most sincerely -- the actual hell WAS THAT?

And for the love of God, WHY must Creepy Biden always use that 'drunk uncle' whisper all the time?

We got nothin', Twitchy readers, so we're going to let Twitter take it from here for a little bit. 


If you have never paid close attention to Biden's ASL translator, you should. Her facial expressions at some of the things he says are priceless. In this clip, you can see her smile quickly turn into a grimace at the exact moment she probably wanted to throw up too. 

We're going to have to take that on faith since this writer is not fluent in ASL, but there were several people on Twitter who said the same thing, that she did not provide an accurate translation. Honestly, we can't really blame her.  

When the President is saying something so creepy that the sign language interpreter can't repeat it ... that's pretty freaking bad. 

The man seriously needs a restraining order to stay away from any woman (remember when he grabbed Stephanie Abrams' and Eva Longoria's boobs?), but ESPECIALLY young women. 

Where are the feminists? Oh, right. They're probably cheering for Hamas on a college campus. Because Hamas -- and the Arab world in general -- have such a wonderful record with women. 


Fact check on all three of those adjectives: true. We're just not sure if the noun at the end fits. 

The same people screaming for Harrison Butker to get fired won't say a single word about this. Not one. 

Hunter didn't give him that nickname for nothing, folks. 

The worm-infested apple does not fall far from the rotting tree. 

Everyone's reaction in a single photo. 

And in a single GIF. 

His cognitive decline has likely removed any filter he may have once had in his head. 


They'll just pretend it didn't happen. So will ALL of the corporate media with the possible exception of Fox News. 

Nope. We can't take it anymore either. 

There is no good choice between Confused Biden and Creepy Biden. But if Creepy Biden is going to continue to talk like this, we'll take Confused Biden every day of the week. 

At least until America hopefully kicks him out of office later this year.

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