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French Senate Report Calls 'Gender-Affirming Care' the Greatest Ethical Scandal in Medical History

Meme based on photo by Keith Weller/USDA/Public Domain

The world is waking up to the horror that is 'gender-affirming care.' Of course, that term is one of the biggest lies ever told, but it becomes even more horrific when it is applied to children. 


This weekend, the French Senate joined the growing number of nations trying to ban the barbaric practice of sterilizing and mutilating children before they're even CLOSE to an age where they are capable of informed consent. To date, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland, and the UK have either banned or placed severe restrictions on trans surgeries and hormones for minors, along with 22 states in the US.

On Saturday, independent journalist Michael Shellenberger -- who broke the WPATH Files that completely demolished that agency's alleged 'expertise' -- posted a thread on Twitter detailing a damning senate report out of France. 

The publication The European Conservative offered more details

A lengthy investigation initiated by centre-right Les Républicains senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio has just been made public. It is alarmed by what has been described as 'one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine'—namely sex reassignment in minors, made possible by the administration of puberty blockers and surgery.

The report, which is detailed and well-argued, points to a number of abuses by health professionals, indoctrinated by a 'trans-affirmative' ideology and subject to the influence of experienced trans activist associations. The report’s authors accuse these associations of unreasonably encouraging gender transition in minors via an intense propaganda campaign on social media. 


'One of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine.' Let that sink in for a while. 

It will not come as a surprise that disillusioned and angry parents, who were fooled into approving this for their children (probably with the 'suicide lie'), are helping to lead the charge against transgender treatments. 

Vasselle is not just a parent, but a clinical psychologist. Shellenberger's tweet of her statement continues: 

... But doctors don’t explain the consequences of puberty blockers,' she added. 'My daughter didn’t realise that life wasn’t going to be so easy with all these treatments... She was a brilliant little girl but now she’s failing at school. And she is far from having found the solution to her problems.'

Shellenberger also noted the growing international opinion that 'gender-affirming care' is not just wrong, but extremely destructive to minors. 


Many in this current generation already view it that way. And that number is growing every day.

Shellenberger then detailed many of the recommendations coming out of the Senate report. 

Ban puberty blockers. Ban surgeries. Ban cross-sex hormones. 

Sanity is returning. 

Common sense is returning as well. OF COURSE, children cannot give informed consent. This is why (in the United States at least) children are not allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes, purchase firearms or many other weapons, or even get a tattoo. Why would anyone think they are capable of making a permanently life-altering decision like taking puberty blockers or getting top/bottom surgery?

The report even concluded that simply the diagnosis of 'gender dysphoria' is too commonly applied and sets children on an irreversible path. 


While true gender dysphoria does exist, there is simply no statistical way that it could have skyrocketed in recent years as it has. That is explained by social contagion, not by medical reality. 

Perhaps the most damning aspect of the report, however, was reserved for the trans activists, or 'TRAs.'

This part is important. The TRAs do not promote science, they undermine it, along with the authority of parents. This is Marxist Queer Theory 101. And children become the victims. 

Wow, indeed. 

Say it louder. Just like there is no such thing as a vegan cat. 


Many people did. However, the TRA forces were very powerful in silencing dissent, as the French Senate report noted. They're still powerful, to be sure, but that power is ebbing every day as more and more people have found the courage to speak out, particularly detransitioners such as Chloe Cole

The rest of the tweet simply states, 'Children are never born wrong.'

And that is the truth. 

A perfect analogy from Rowling. 

Following the release of the report, the French senators who commissioned it -- led by Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio of the French Republican Party -- are proposing a bill to ban all 'gender-affirming care' for minors.

At this point, it is not yet clear when that bill might be voted on or when France’s High Authority of Health might issue a recommendation, but Twitchy will keep track of any significant policy or legislative developments related to this issue. 


But as we reported previously, the transgender cult ship is sinking and no amount of violin playing or re-arranging the deck chairs will stop it.


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