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David Zweig thread is 'the latest and most disgraceful #TwitterFiles yet' (on rigged Covid debate)

The Twitter Files keep on coming! Brace for more maddening revelations:


David Zweig brings us the latest Twitter Files drop, and this one revolves around the government working with Twitter management (and other social media platforms) to control what was being said about Covid-19:

The lengths a couple of administrations went to in order to keep control of the preferred narrative (in spite of what reality showed) were incredible:

Under the previous management, when the government said “jump” Twitter execs would basically reply “HOW HIGH?”


And as Matt Taibbi outlined in the previous Twitter Files drop on Saturday, the government arm-twisting wasn’t confined to Twitter:

It didn’t take long for people such as Alex Berenson to get kicked off Twitter (his account has been restored):

The Biden administration was “very angry” that Twitter wasn’t fast enough (to their liking) in quashing anything that went against the preferred narrative:


What could possibly go wrong?


Telling the truth was obviously frowned upon by the keepers of the narrative.


Citing data from the CDC would get you tagged as a spreader of “misinformation”? Perfect.

Tweets from Trump were of course scrutinized heavily:


“Don’t be afraid” obviously went against the desires of all the people who wanted to keep everybody as freaked out as possible.

Naturally, Dr. Fauci considered himself to be “The Science” so anything that went against that was censored.

And we get the feeling there’s much more to come.


Has anyone been discredited more in the last few years than “the experts”?



Michael Shellenberger takes the FBI APART for calling #TwitterFiles ‘misinfo’ in BRUTAL thread

Tom Elliott charts media mentions of ‘Twitter Files’ in the last 10 days


Editor’s Note:

FBI statement dismissing #TwitterFiles revelations is ‘the definition of gaslighting’

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