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Yikes! Latest polling data is 'devastating for Biden' (even Dems are turning)

There are a couple different polling-related items to point out today — neither of which the Biden White House will like to see.

First off, Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan notes that the RCP average for Biden’s approval has hit a new low, with disapproval at a new high:


Biden’s even losing an increasing amount of Democrat support, according to the latest AP/NORC poll:

Add it all up and hardly anybody’s buying the “Putin’s price hikes” and “ultra MAGA” excuses as well as the crime problem and border mess.

An epic amount of denial has been spotted in the replies:

Some of those replies do help explain how Biden has any remaining approval whatsoever.


Sad, but accurate.

Biden promised to bring unity and sure enough more people every day are unified in believing this administration has been a disaster.



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