If the Biden White House would like to retrieve what remains of this administration’s approval rating they’re going to have to rent a deep-sea submersible because it keeps sinking lower by the day:

Biden could certainly use a boost in the approval department and he might have stumbled upon a way to do it:

President Biden is overseas for meetings with foreign leaders, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have domestic issues on his mind!

Perhaps this should instead be reported as Biden only half-joking:

President Biden joked Tuesday that he may not return from Spain as his average approval rating hit an all-time low amid the worst inflation since 1981 and record-high gas prices.

Biden made the remark to Spanish King Philip VI in an apparent bid to compliment the beauty of the royal palace in Madrid.

“There’s an old expression in a little town in Delaware called Claymont, Del, a little steel town. And they say, ‘We’re like poor relatives. We show up when we’re invited and we stay longer than we should.’ So be careful. We may not go back,” Biden joked.

At home, Biden’s average approval rating is at a record-low 38.8%, with 56.9% of Americans disapproving of his performance, according to RealClearPolitics.

Biden promised to deliver unity and this just might do the trick, all while improving the president’s approval rating:

Somebody let Ron Klain know that this might be the only way for Biden to boost his approval!



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