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'Nice try': Biden WH's brag about blunting the impact of 'Putin's price hikes' doesn't hold up to scrutiny

When Joe Biden was running for president during the summer of 2020, he promised voters that if elected he would never deflect blame:

Now that Biden’s in the White House and the wheels have been coming off the US economy with spiking gas prices and inflation, there is absolutely nothing that this administration will accept responsibility for.

Inflation? Nope, that’s all the fault of Vladimir Putin:

At this point this has gotten beyond sad and pathetic.

Fact check: TRUE:

In other words, “Putin’s price hikes” is largely BS. Recently former Obama economist Steve Rattner said Biden’s policies have a lot to do with the inflation rate:

“Well, that is all the spending, basically,” he explained. “The $1,400 tax, the $2 trillion that you and I have talked about a lot that’s on the sidelines, half of that’s government money that we gave people to spend, and now they’re trying to spend it, so you get inflation.”

Rattner also pointed to the Fed for inflation, which he said “completely blew it” in a way he hasn’t seen in decades.

“I love the Fed, but there’s nothing good to say about it,” he stated. “And it is absolutely true that there are unforced problems out there. Putin, I wouldn’t call this Putin’s inflation, but there’s no question that Ukraine and Russia have had a major impact on the inflation.”

Judging from Biden’s approval rating that continues to crater, nobody’s buying the White House’s “blame Putin” approach, but obviously they’re still trying to throw that against the wall in the hopes that it someday will stick.

Hopefully the midterms elections let the Democrats know that nobody’s been buying the BS excuses and blame deflection.



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