The May inflation report has been released, and it’s yet another disaster for Biden and the Democrats on the backs of the American people:

Consumer inflation ticked up one full percent in May, according to new data from the Department of Labor released Friday morning, meaning inflation in the last year has soared 8.6 percent as rising costs blew past consensus estimates that inflation would only increase 0.7 percent to remain even with April’s 8.3 percent year-over-year increase.

May’s inflation report is the worst for consumers since December 1981, coming the same week President Biden continued to claim that he was leading the United States in its best recovery in history.

On top of that, gas prices have never been this high:

President Biden is expected to speak on the topic of inflation this afternoon, and for a preview of who will likely be given at least a share of the blame we turn to White House economic adviser Brian Deese:

That’s really all they’ve got at this point, and it’s still pathetic.

They certainly hope we’re all stupid.

It’s called “desperation.”

“Just buy an electric car,” they say while essentially mocking those who are having trouble even affording gas.

So far the only member of this administration to admit they were wrong has been Janet Yellen.


Those on Team Biden will unflinchingly tell the biggest of lies if it means ignoring reality, and judging from Biden’s approval rating nobody’s buying it.

Biden and his administration have done nothing but blame everybody except themselves for all problems in spite of a promise made before entering office:

Now we get “the buck stops way over there.” November can’t come fast enough.