As Twitchy told you here and here, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is having a less-than-stellar day. Between shrugging off the abysmal state of the stock market as being caused by “global challenges” and being unable to provide an update on the baby formula shortage, she might have been better off emulating her boss and not taking questions. Alas, that’s her job, and boy is she bad at it.

We get it. It can’t be an easy job to cover for this incompetent administration, especially when you’ve got reporters like Fox New’s Peter Doocy who have zero hesitation when it comes to getting straight to the reality of the matter. Sure, it’s great that jobs are plentiful but how much difference does that make when inflation has gone through the roof?

Of course it isn’t. It’s the Putin Price Hike! And global challenges! And possibly January 6th!

To be fair we haven’t actually seen that last one blamed yet but they’re kind of running out of excuses so we wouldn’t be really surprised.

He is pretty good. The facial expression after he asks his question is priceless.

What record inflation? Please disperse. Nothing to see here.