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'Wrong'! Christina Pushaw shreds Gov. Gavin Newsom's accusation that DeSantis 'bullied' the Special Olympics

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proven himself to have quite a preoccupation with what’s happening in Florida even though there are many problems that need addressing in his own state. In today’s example, Newsom cited a Salon story to accuse Gov. DeSantis of “bullying” the Special Olympics:


Newsom would like everybody to believe what DeSantis did was to bully the Special Olympics when in fact the mandate could be considered bullying special Olympians. DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw had some reality checks for Newsom:

At least Newsom’s moved past his attempts to get Disney to leave Florida.

Pushaw continued:


The biggest “bullies” of them all are on the Left but they refuse to see it.



CNN’s John Harwood accuses Ron DeSantis of ‘more Republican extremism’ for vetoing $35 million in taxpayer money for Tampa Bay Rays facility

‘Way too funny’: Christina Pushaw’s shot/chaser from a Dem Rep shows the power of polling

Christina Pushaw’s response to Calif. Gov. Newsom is *chef’s kiss* (and was amplified in the NY Times)

Christina Pushaw adds an important reminder after Gov. Gavin Newsom invites Disney to ‘bring those jobs back to Calif.’

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