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'Cool, resign': Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits previous assurance about inflation was wrong

The White House where the “Buck Stops Here” president works (not counting weekends in Delaware) has spent his entire presidency blaming myriad crises on anything and anybody not named “Joe Biden.” High gas prices and inflation have been the fault of the pandemic, Vladimir Putin and “ultra MAGA” Republicans. But according to Biden administration officials last year, inflation was “transitory” and shouldn’t even really be a problem now — except it is. The White House’s new spin is pitiful:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was among Biden administration officials who previously insisted inflation was “transitory” and would be short-lived. However, Yellen’s not admitting that her previous assurance was incorrect:

On the one hand, the incompetence and/or dishonesty that’s been on display in every corner of the Biden White House has been disturbing, but on the other hand, it’s highly unusual to hear the words “I was wrong” coming from anybody connected to this administration.

Has anybody in this administration been held accountable for their incompetence? They just keep failing upward.

In April, Yellen was sounding the alarm about climate change so clearly the Treasury Secretary had her priorities in order (cue huge eye roll).



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