The latest inflation data show that the problem is going to be anything but the “transitory” issue the Biden administration had previously claimed it would be. The media have received the memo on how to help spin the problem, and the Biden administration is also eager to help provide distractions.

You might think a U.S. Treasury Secretary would be completely focused on the crisis at hand, but Democrat “priorities” being what they are, here’s what Janet Yellen’s zeroing in on:

If there’s one motto this administration lives by, it’s “always be closing“:

Fifth, we must expedite the global transition to a more secure and cleaner energy future, with more energy access for all. We know we have not yet done enough in terms of mitigation, adaptation, green technology innovation and adoption, and funding for those efforts. The recent IPCC reports confirm that our window of opportunity to leave our planet worthy of our children and grandchildren is even closer to being permanently shut. We must redouble our efforts to decarbonize our economies, recognizing that countries will use a range of tools—including carbon pricing, regulation, and subsidies—to achieve needed emissions reductions. Because those approaches will have quite different consequences for the costs of production, we will see differing impacts on trade competitiveness. We will need to work together to avoid trade tensions and in time to coordinate and harmonize our approaches.

These friggin’ people…

What’s the most dangerous thing for current and future generations are these lunatics’ seemingly intentional attempts to make the economy collapse.

Is it really wise for carbon-based life to attempt to completely “de-carbonize”? Seems a bit self-loathing.

It’s so obvious — and maddening — what they’re attempting to do.